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Korea Bound

Notice how the dock rolls?
Notice how this dock rolls?
Three Robbie crewmen test their 'land legs' during a pit stop midway between home and Korea, Midway Island, 1953. This was on the first leg of an 'around the world in 222 days' odyssey-of-a-lifetime for the Robbie's Crew.
Fill 'er up!
'Fill 'er up!
We have miles to go and things to do! Refueling at sea from an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific, 1953. Always a tricky maneuver, compounded by the carrier's overhang and, in this case by high seas, it is not unusual to 'dunk the hose.'
Departing Norfolk, VA, 29 June 1953, the Robbie sailed for Korea to bolster the U.S. Forces fighting there. By the time she arrived off the 38th parallel near Inchon, the Korean War had effectively ended, with the armistice signing at Panmunjom on 27 July. What began as a call to battle, ended as an adventure - circling the globe in 222 days, visiting 15 foreign ports in 11 different countries.
Don Hendrick stands down
Don Hendrick Stands Down
from General Quarters
Pencils in his pocket give away his principal occupation - yeoman.
The Yeomen 3
Yeomen Three be We
Don Hendrick, standing, checks out a typed mimeograph sheet with Bob Greenberg (left) and J.J. Reed (right). This is 'word processing the hard way' - before Word Perfect, laser printers and Microsoft.

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