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Year 2012 Reunion Our 32nd

Nashville, Tennessee
September 13-16, 2012

Guest House Inn & Suites
2420 Music Valley Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214
Tel: (615) 885-4030

Contact: To register interest in attending, contact:
Art Bowne, Secretary
USS Robinson DD562, Inc.
Tel: (281) 474-0558
E-mail: ajbowne@yahoo.com

Anyone desiring copies of our USS Robinson DD562, Inc.
exemption application and supporting documents for non-profit organizations, contact:

Charles Smith
1087 Briar Patch Rd.
Broussard, LA 70518-8022
Tel: (337) 367-0705

Year 2012 Reunion - Our 32nd

Roy Acuff and Minne Pearl at Ryman AuditoriumWhat a great time!  Our 32nd reunion was a tremendous success, as usual.  This year we met in Nashville, Tennessee.  There was so much to see and do in Nashville.  In addition to the scheduled tours, there was The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, the Ryman Auditorium (home of the Opry 1943-74), the Music City Trolley, and the General Jackson paddlewheel showboat, to name just a few.  And of course, great places to eat!  Especially popular was The Opry Backstage Grille, which not only provided a good meal, but entertainment as well.

A well deserved "thank you" to our own Charles Smith and his first mate, Patsy for making it happen.  We were never let down by a lack of food, drinks, or fun. 

Also, thanks to the Guest House Inn & Suites for their hospitality. From the director of sales, to the receptionist, from the front desk clerks to the driver, from the bartender to the ice cube runner, all should be commended for their great service. 


Most of our attendees began arriving on Thursday.  We began registration in our Hospitality Room - The Valley Ballroom - at 0900 and continued into the evening.  What a great day it was, meeting once again with our old friends and shipmates.  Handshakes and hugs were plentiful. 


Friday saw more registrations, and started with a complimentary breakfast.  Our day was spent well with shopping, sightseeing and just good old fun in the Hospitality Room.  The Board of Directors and Officers took time out to take care of business at 1000 hours.

Billy Ray CyrusLittle Jimmy Dickens at the Grand Old OpryAlmost the entire reunion group boarded the buses at 1745, bound for the Grand Ole Opry. On the way to the Opry, we had a well informed guide tell us a little about its history and what to expect at the show. The Grand Ole Opry sure was grand!  The building and grounds were exquisite.  The stage was just as you would picture it, with the center of the stage made up of a wooden section of the original Opry House stage called the "circle of stars".  Several military groups were recognized by the announcer, including, of course the USS Robinson. The applause was almost deafening. Two and 1/2 hours flew by with performances by some of the originals along with some of the newer Opry members.  Among those entertaining us were Billy Dean, Elizabeth Cook, Jimmy C. Newman, Tyler Farr, the Steep Canyon Rangers, Jesse McReynolds and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Hosts were Jeannie Seely, Little Jimmy Dickens, George Hamilton IV and The Whites.  Eddie Stubbs was the announcer.  The show ended with a patriotic medley and tribute to the military. 


Gals of the Robbie

Mr. and Mrs. Peggy and John ClausFor the "Gals of the Robbie", it was "Christmas in September" at 0800 on Saturday, wearing their Christmas shirts and sweaters.  There was an ornament exchange, cookie and recipe exchange, Christmas decorations, and even a visit from Santa Claus and one of his elves!  (Thanks to Jon Reynolds and Barbara's grandson, Justin)  The ladies really outdid themselves this year!  Thanks to Peggy Clegg and Patsy Smith for leading the group.

The Gals welcomed newcomers:  Mary (Elvin) Guillory, Terri (Davis) Henderson, Toni (Davis) Sullivan, Billie Ramsey and Belinda (Clegg) Slaughter.

It was decided that next year in Waterloo, Iowa, each lady should bring an item (bought or home made) to represent each person's Home State.  These items will be used as a part of the center pieces for the banquet.  Your selection can be anything; tree, animal, food, crop, etc.  Make sure the state's name appears somewhere on the item.  The maximum dimensions should not be more than 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 5 inches tall.

Banquet Highlights

We assembled in the Valley Ballroom for our annual banquet.  Art Bowne emceed the event, with Cliff Robertson, son of Fred and Lois Robertson delivering the invocation.

Before commencing with the Fallen Shipmate Ceremony, our thoughts and prayers reached out to the families and friends of Ora Breeden, Margie Burras, Addeline Jones, Paul Schwerin, Ginny Welsh and the nephew of the Wiesers.


Attention was drawn to the Table of the Fallen Shipmate, and the traditional reading of the Fallen Shipmate plaque followed with each fallen shipmate's name being announced. 

In memory of each and every shipmate who served aboard the USS Robinson DD562, who could not be with us tonight because of joining the "Greatest Admiral" of all,
our God in Heaven.

The single place-setting has you join us,
Both in Memory and Spirit, and reminds us
Of sharing your Treasured Company.
The single rose signifies the Love,
Dedication, and Call to Duty for having
Served the Best Nation in the World.
Your shipmates Miss You, Thank You, and Salute You and Your Family.
Rest in Peace.


Charles and Patsy Smith were recognized for hosting this year's occasion.  Also recognized for service were video man Jim Tomkinson and photographers Bud and Betty Carlson.

Special recognition was given to our distinguished WWII shipmates for what they endured back in the forties.

We played games, talked about our next reunion, and raffled some great prizes.  The evening didn't end until after midnight for some.


On Sunday morning we headed to The Hermitage, an 1120-Acre site of world-class historical resource, American treasure and home to our 7th president, Andrew Jackson, for over 40 years. A variety of tour guides and interpreters contributed their expertise and knowledge of the times. This was a very rewarding tour!  Then back to the Hospitality Room for refreshments.

In Attendance

We had 86 in attendance this year.  If you didn't make it, you were missed.  We had a great time!

We were honored to have "First Timers" Perrin Farrar and his guest, Betty Jost, Elvin Guillory and his wife Mary Guillory.  Also attending for their first time were Dean Anderson, Mary Boyd, Kathy Holmes, Chad Johnson, Belinda Clegg Slaughter, Terri Henderson, Toni Sullivan, Jack Reuter, and Cary & Cindy Moore.

In Attendance The shipmates, first mates and guests who attended this 32nd Annual Reunion were:

Andy & Norma Anderson
Art & Judy Bowne  
Bobby & Rowena Boyd and
Mary Boyd and Kathy Holmes 
Ray Burras and Chad Johnson 
Bud & Betty Carlson
Tom & Peggy Clegg and  
Dorothy Yates & Belinda Slaughter 
Vern & Marge Compton       
Roy Davis and    
Terri Henderson & Toni Sullivan
Jim & Mary Ellen Ernsberger  
Perrin Farrar & Betty Jost 
Gene Ferguson  
Millie Gelmini   
Elvin & Mary Guillory   
Jerry & Sharon Harshbarger   
Don Hendrick & Jean Hollis 
 Ron & Joanne Kaiser 
John & Karen Lucas    
  Pete & Margie Masella and Phyllis Kaczor
Ralph and Cary & Cindy Moore
Hal & Gloria Mullen
Bill Murphy & Joan Patten
Paul & Louise & Jack Reuter      
Barbara & Jon & Justin Reynolds
Fred and Cliff & Craig Robertson
Art & Bonnie Schuetze
George & Eleanor Schureman
Frank & Joanne Schwerin
 Wes & Karen Shanholtzer
Charles & Patsy Smith
Fred & Joyce and Sue Souba
Jim & Maye Tomkinson and
Dot Kiker & Faye Hurlocker
Walter Vereecke
Bob Welsh
Luke & Sue West
Don & Connie Wieser
Tom Womble & Billie Ramsey


World War II Crew

First Row: F. Robertson, R. Moore, M. Anderson
Second Row: R. Burras, R. Davis

Korea Crew

Korea Crew

First Row: F. Souba, F. Schwerin, A. Schuetze, P. Reuter, T. Womble, G. Schureman, D. Hendrick
Second Row: B. Carlson, B. Welsh, P. Farrar, P. Masella, J. Ernsberger, T. Clegg, L. West, A. Bowne, B. Boyd, W. Vereecke, G. Ferguson

Post-Korea Crew

Post Korea crew

First Row: H. Mullen, J. Tomkinson, B. Murphy, C. Smith, S. Meade, J. Harshbarger
Second Row: D. Griffiths, D. Wieser, E. Guillory, R. Kaiser, W. Shanholtzer, J. Lucas, V. Compton

Here's where we were in past Robbie reunions. Where were you?

1981 South Bend, IN
1982 St. Louis, MO
1983 Denver, CO
1984 St. Louis, MO
1985 Seattle, WA
1986 Baltimore, MD
1987 New Orleans, LA
1988 San Diego, CA
1989 Dallas, TX
1990 South Bend, IN
1991 Post Falls, ID
1992 Charleston, SC
1993 St. Louis, MO
1994 Denver, CO
1995 Covington, KY
1996 Myrtle Beach, SC
1997 Harrisburg, PA
1998 San Diego, CA
1999 Covington, KY

2000 Daytona Beach, FL
2001 Peoria, IL
2002 Gulf Breeze, FL
2003 Buffalo, NY
2004 Baton Rouge, LA
2005 South Portland, ME
2006 San Antonio, TX
2007 Branson, MO
2008 Boston, MA
2009 Newport News, VA
2010 Branson, MO
2011 Myrtle Beach, SC
2012 Nashville, TN
2013 Waterloo, IA
2014 Savannah, GA
2015 Washington, DC
2016 Omaha, NE
2017 Philadelphia, PA
2018 Lafayette, LA

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